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"You can always edit a bad page. You can't edit a blank page."--Jodi Picoult


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Awaken Your Inner Voice

Do you find yourself stuck in front of a blank document waiting for a burst of inspiration? Getting started is often the greatest writing obstacle.

Whether it’s to fulfill a life-long dream, an answer to a spiritual calling, or supplemental to your business practice, the writing bug has given you the nudge.

Join me for a free one-hour webinar and release your inner voice—that spark of sacred creativity freely gifted to each of us. 

Release your inner voice and end the battle with your logical mind and the hidden barriers that block you from uncapped creativity. Dance freely across the page in uninterrupted bursts of genius, expanding your business potential, and acquainting yourself with your true voice.

In this live one-hour webinar, you will:

· Learn how to unlock your inner voice

· Learn techniques to enhance free writing 

· Uncap dormant creativity

End the hand-wringing approach to the writing process. 

Aspire to Write Today! 

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What to Bring to the Meeting

Please bring an open mind and a large pad of unlined paper. A drawing pad  11x14 or 18x24 is recommended.